San Francisco Airport Shuttle New Era

Super Shuttle shakes  down the San Francisco AirportShuttle industry with their announcement of going out of business.  Many reasons can be blamed on the disappearance of such a standard at the aiports since the mid 80’s, and it surely leaves a big deep in the industry.

The whole story began when the airport forced all shuttle operators to buy expensive CNG vehicles, claiming the need of good quality air. This vans came to be twice the price as they had to be bought converted and brand new, and did nothing for the environment than to force operators to shrink.

To continue, coordinators airport fees on monthly bassis for the privilege of 5 minutes boarding on each terminal, alternating with other 4  companies,  plus having to deal with some airport imposed coordinators. Super Shuttle had their own coordinators and they also enjoyed their own piece of curve for just their own company, for around $50.000 monthly! Smaller companies at that time payed high fees too: Airport Express around $10.000, San Francisco City Shuttle around $15.000, Advanced Shuttle about $6000, and the list goes on with most of them fallen just like Super Shuttle.

Got to mention the insurance load imposed by PSC and TCP standards to comply, and the Highway Patrol inspections, the yearly airport inspections and fees, the loop fees generated by the transponder every time the vehicle enters the terminal.

Uber and Lyft came on imposing their own system, hitting the rule makers for years until they finally started reacting to the zero everything and all the complete chaos and anarchy they derived. By this time the fate of the law abiding companies was sealed after years of losses beared by companies like Super Shuttle, first excessive cost of legal status,  topped with the unfair competition that went on for years and the complete tolerance of the authorities. 

Fortunately, we have good news for you! We can still offer you and your family or friends a great San Francisco airport shuttle anytime anyday. San Francisco Airport Shuttle will be glad to help right now!

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